Track of the Moment: Rome by Phoenix

Because I’m still hungover from the Phoenix concert on Tuesday night, and still couldn’t believe I finally got to see and hear them perform one of my all-time favorite songs, “Rome,” in the freaking flesh! I’m still on cloud 9 just thinking about it.

At the same time, though, I’m also very upset about the loss of my concert pictures and videos. I was able to record most of the concert and take a ton of photos – including close-up shots of Thomas Mars when he climbed down from the stage and joined the audience –Β  but all of which are now gone, no thanks to my SD card that just suddenly got corrupted. I’ve tried everything to have my lost files retrieved, but it already reached the point where not even the “tech wizards” in Greenhills can fix it. That’s when I knew how fucked up my SD card really is and that it was time for me to give up. Oh well, I guess shit really does happen.

Set list consisted mostly of old tracks like “Lisztomania,” “If I Ever Feel Better,” “Girlfriend,” “Entertainment,” “Lasso,” “Long Distance Call,” “Love Like a Sunset,” “Armistice,” “1901,” etc. and “J-Boy,” “Fior di Latte,” and “Goodbye Soleil” from their new album, Ti Amo.

Great concert all in all. Phoenix really did give a fantastic show! :)